Famously attributed to Steve Martin, the story behind this quote actually had a far more profound effect on me personally than the quote itself. To paraphrase, he was talking to a group of acting students and fielding questions such as, "How do I get an agent?" or, "Where do I get my headshots?" He walked away thinking, "Shouldn't the first thing you're thinking about be, 'How do I be good?'"
In that same spirit, I stumbled haphazardly into the realization that I was devoting an inordinate amount of time deconstructing the more practical elements of my profession (development, marketing, sales) rather than focusing on honing my actual craft. In response, I made the choice to temporarily step away from those aspects of the business and funnel all of my efforts into developing and creating narrative content rather than peddling a skillset or body of work that is far from fully developed.
So, if you want to “share” something with me, just drop me a line here!
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