Production Company: Darkwood Pictures
Release Date: October 13, 2017
WINNER Best Short Drama, 2019 Sedona International Film Festival
WINNER Best Local Film, Best Lead, Best Supporting, Best Writing, Best Cinematography, 2018 Marietta International Film Festival
WINNER Best Suspense/Thriller, 2018 DRAFT Fest
“A guerilla PSA.”
-Scott Phillips, Way Down Film Festival
“Well shot and paced, cinematic, tight and contained like a short should be, gripping and engaging the whole way through, and touching on an important subject matter without being preachy. Well done!”
-Jason Fitzgerald, Lonely Sheep Productions
Through the years, I've always been shocked by the corruption and misuse of donations within charitable organizations. I often joked with friends and colleagues that one day, when I have enough money to give away, I would bypass the charities and give my money directly to those who need it. This is where the idea for "Cells" was born. It took several years to complete this film, but I was determined because I feel it has a perfect balance of the thriller element while also carrying a strong underlying message.
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